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Welcome to my Blog!

All family photos record a moment in time.  As a lifelong lover of photographs, there's a part of me that loves that record: the blurry snapshot, a stiff group of forced smiles, even the dreaded  posed department store picture. However, I believe photographs can be so much more. 

Photos can transcend the blue backdrop school portrait documentation of changing hairstyles and growing bodies.  Images that reflect your children in their natural state are the ones you will return to to remember the way that newborn smelled or your heart melted the first time your child said they loved you.  Images that decades from now trigger memories of your family right now become more than a record of development - the way your son bites his lip when he's thinking, the way your spouse looks at you, the way she nuzzles that blanket, the silly games only your family plays - these images become a treasured tangible bit of your family's history.

My passion is capturing those images and preserving that memory for you. You can't always see what is different about your family. In spending time with you, I can. Each family is beautiful, we'll create works of art for your walls featuring your kids. We'll create storybooks telling the story of today that you will treasure tomorrow.  I love what I do. I look forward to meeting with you and creating portraits as unique as your family.

Announcing Summer Mini Sessions

Fall can be such a busy time to try to fit a family photo session in before the holidays! Take a moment out of the upcoming summer days to update your family images with a Summer Mini Session. Spaces for these special sessions is limited so book your spot now.

2014 summer mini front


2014 summer mini back


Announcing Fall Mini Sessions

2013 mini web-2


2013 mini web-1


One Step Closer

There are still many steps until my full vision for the Amy Jester Photography Studio is a reality. There are town and county approvals before I even begin demolition on the interior of the building that will be the indoor shooting space. Additionally, I have A LOT of plans for improvements to enhance the natural beauty of the land that is both our home and my business. One year ago we moved into a place that had potential and not a lot else. Today we have a place that is still very much a work in progress; however, it has become one of my favorite places in the world to shoot photographs.

Last year I only photographed a couple a of clients who were also friends here at our place. This year, I am excited to share the beauty of the fall season with my mini session clients at the Amy Jester Photography outdoor studio. Yes, I may ask you to look past a few “works in progress” as we take gorgeous photos in many lovely locations.  The “prairie” (mostly weeds in the pasture, but in photos they look just lovely) offers an amazing backdrop to individual, sibling and family photos.  Here is one from a session here last fall.

freiberg web 2012-7

and one of my kids “in the weeds” last year.

xmas 2012-1

We also have gorgeous towering willows and an old fashioned swing.

swing 2013-1

swing 2013-1-2

And many acres of forest that light up with autumn color.

Gibson Oct 2012-19

Though I love exploring new places and locations with clients during premium sessions, being familiar with my surroundings allows me to concentrate on capturing interactions among family members.  That is what love most about what I do: creating photographs that people love not because of where they are, but because of how they capture their families.

Soon I will be announcing information on upcoming fall mini session dates. I can’t wait.



Downtown Madison Family Photos

mcclure 2012


More photos from last fall. Photos from this session were gifts so I waited to post them until now. A session playing with families downtown can be so much fun! Seriously, could these guys be any cuter. I just love the colors and sense of style this family has…. and one of the sweetest touches, the mom made the daughters adorable dress!


Looking back: Apple picking fall family photos, Madison, WI

Fall is my busiest season. Families get updated photos for their holiday gifts and cards. I don’t often post these photos on the blog as they are happening because I don’t want to ruin anyone’s gift surprises and most of the time I post them over the winter. Last year I was busy with our new house and I didn’t do a lot of posting and so I have a lot of fall session updates that will be coming your way. I have been thinking about this family a lot lately because they have a lot on their plate right now. They are in between houses (building a new one), just switched schools (because of where the new house is), mom is at the beginning of a great new career and now dad is in hospital recovering from a serious illness. I have just been thinking about them a lot and so I dug up their session from last fall…. I was shocked, those little cuties are not so little now. It is amazing the difference a year makes.

riethmiller 2012

and I hope that at this time next year that everything that is hard right now is just a distant memory of the storm before the calm! Take care.


Just add water: Madison West Senior Photos



I just love when a student has something personal that they want to incorporate in their senior photos. For this session it started with “I just want to be by the water” and over the course of a few texts it evolved into “I think that I really want to jump into the lake at the end of the session”. It was great to watch this varsity swimmer relax and play once she was in the water. Tons of fun and a great way to spend an early Sunday morning.


First Day of School

I love first day of school photos. I wonder if they will let me take them all the way through high school? Probably not, so I will do it while I can.

first day 2013


This is the first year of all elementary school  – 4th and 1st grade.


His favorite place to be



My oldest loves to read and if I can’t find him he is most certainly here. Wish I was there, too.


Stumbled Upon

There is a little pond on our property that we have not had the time to pay attention to, most of the time we walk by and don’t really notice it. Today, when I stumbled upon it, it made its presence known.

water lilies-1


Dressing Up

I love watching my husband with our kids and getting ready for a recent funeral gave me a chance to capture a lovely father/son moment. We are a pretty casual family and wearing a tie is not an every week occurrence. In fact this was the first non-clip tie my son had worn and though he is a very independent young man, he needed a little help. I just love the look of anticipation on his face.

tie making-6