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Please don’t make me choose – Family photography – Madison, WI

It is not that every image in this session is an award winning photo, I really just had trouble choosing photos for this peek because there were so many different stories going on in each photo. I am still not even sure I picked my favorites for this post…. let’s just call it a sampling.

Sadly, this family left Madison several years ago for warmer pastures and I am glad to see them return for occasional visits. I asked if they had any place special in Madison they wanted to shoot for this session. They said not really.  I adored that I was able to say to these guys “Hey there is an old warehouse I want to take you to, are you cool with that?” and there was no hesitation in the affirmative answer. I get that this location is not for everyone, but it really just seemed to fit the vibe I thought we were going for in some of the images (and yes I did just say “vibe” in all seriousness – It just fit!)

So on with the peek.

I love that kids will find beauty in the most unlikely places and that this little girl’s first instinct was to share it with her dad.

Oh the light was beautiful that evening….

I am totally a sucker for mom/son hand holding. You see my kids are still younger than this young man, but I know that someday my kids won’t want to be seen holding my hand. I know that one of these times may be the last time they voluntarily take my hand without a thought and just walk with me. I know that I don’t know when that last time will be and I hope maybe I will have a photo of this simple act of togetherness. I want something like this – I just love the totally routine expression on his face, nothing too exciting, nothing too horrible, just getting from point A to B … with my mom.

Okay I just couldn’t end on such sapiness…so I give you this image.

So glad you took the time for a quick session. It was good to see you. Come again soon.