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At work with dad

When I was little I used to periodically go in to work with my parents on weekends. My parents both worked at banks (at times the same one) and depending on who I was with I got to do things like play with adding machines, deposit slips, basically any kind of paper or office supply I could get my hands on… I remember having a great time.

This weekend I was shooting some pictures for Death's Door Spirits. Little Miss Phoebe (who is no stranger to my camera – I photographed her with her brother and cousin last month) wanted to come with us and so she did.  She was awesome. She jumped into a few pictures with her dad…

Phoebe web-6

Phoebe web-1

and the entire session I had to really concentrate on NOT taking pictures of her (it was not why I was there) but when her dad started cracking up while I was photographing him, I turned around to see a little girl who had helped herself to some water at the water cooler. I couldn't help but snap a few.

Phoebe web-2

Once she realized that she was amusing us, we got to watch her prance around the distillery with a martini glass of water (on her tippy toes, of course)

Phoebe web-3


Phoebe web-5

Oh man, she was cracking me up! And to think that I used to think that I was all grown up when my dad let me use the big photocopy machine at his office!