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Author Photos

Prior to my life as a child and family photographer I was a PhD candidate at the University of Minnesota. My days were spent reading, writing, and teaching. At the time I thought I wanted to be a professor. I enjoyed my seven years in graduate school. I knew I would be a good teacher and I had interesting research ahead of me; however, I was not in love with it. I didn’t feel any passion for what would have been my life’s work.

I developed friendships with tons of amazing people both at Indiana University (where I got my M.A.) and U of M. These friends are now professors all over the country doing great work teaching undergrads and contributing to the field of Communication with their research. And I have found the courage to do something that I truly love doing.

I don’t read as many academic books as I used to, but I do love that I can contribute in a small way to friends recent publications. They are sometimes in town for conferences or to do research and it is great to be able to photograph them for their author photos.

Sometimes you need serious photos…..

And sometimes you want something a little more fun.

I miss going to the academic conferences and chatting with friends  until all hours of the night. But now more than anything  I love to see my friends through my lens. Good luck with your new book Jen!