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A weekend with a bonus

This weekend was totally ordinary –  our family ran some errands, did some chores, entertained friends for taco night, played house and wii and legos, enjoyed quiet reading time, watched a movie and ate pizza – one member of the household thought it was a great weekend because one day he never changed out of his jammies. Everything was quite usual except for one thing….

I appeared in a couple of photos.

My last post talked about my realization that I have been missing from a part of my kids life. It is not that I am not playing with them, picking them up from school to take them to swimming lessons, or reading to them before bed: I was photographically missing. This weekend I started to fix that issue. These photos won’t win any technical awards, but for the first time in 2011, I appear in photos with my kids.

It is a glimpse of an ordinary weekend at home and it is a start.