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American Express Membership Rewards Agreement

These Terms and Conditions apply to the Membership Rewards program, which is linked to your card account (card account). If you sign the agreement for your UK card account, you will agree to these terms and conditions of sale. These terms and conditions apply if we accept your UK card account application. If you have a business card, you can participate in the program unless your employer has decided not to participate. We may also terminate these terms and conditions by providing you with a delay of at least 30 days without any explanation, provided that we reasonably believe that the overall benefits of your card account are always good value and competitive. This may include changing your card account to another product under the card account agreement or replacing these terms and conditions with a new set of terms and conditions covering different benefits. You earn 1 point for every prize in refundable money for your card account. The number of points per dollar is referred to as your salary rate and is displayed on your statement of account. From time to time, we may allow you to earn more points per dollar per dollar for certain purchases from certain retailers, and we can contact you to ensure that you can benefit from this program (as explained in the “Additional Benefits and Other Products” section of the agreement for your card account). Rewards and opportunities to use their points may change.

The people available to you at any time are posted on our website at We can contact you from time to time with other offers. While your points and miles have the potential to take you to most destinations in the world, loyalty programs don`t allow you to easily discover the best options. Without the required knowledge, it`s hard to find strategies to ingest your rewards at maximum value. You must pay any tax, tax or other amount of the state (except VAT or analog VAT levied by a third party with regard to the purchase price of these rewards) in each country with regard to these terms and conditions and all the rewards you receive.