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Author Agreement Form Journal Of Diabetes And Its Complications

A detailed guide to electronic artworks is available. You are urged to visit this site; Here are some excerpts from the detailed information. FormatsIf your electronic images are created in a Microsoft Office application (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), please indicate “as you see” in the native document format. Whichever application is not used when your electronic artwork is finished, please use “Save Under” or convert images in one of the following formats (note the resolution requirements for line drawings, half-tones and line/half-tone combinations below): EPS (or PDF): vector diagrams, indicate all fonts used. TIFF (or JPEG): Photos of colors or levels of gray (half-tones) hold at least 300 dpi. TIFF (or JPEG): Bitmapped (pixels in pure black and white) line drawings, you maintain a minimum of 1000 dpi. TIFF (or JPEG): combinations bitmapped line/half-ton (color or gray levels), keep at least 500 dpi. Please don`t: – Include files optimized for screen use (for example. B.GIF, BMP, PICT, WPG); These usually have a small number of pixels and limited colors; Make files that are too little broken down; Send graphics that are disproportionate to the content. Ethics in publication Please visit our information pages on ethics in publishing and ethical guidelines for journal publications. After you write your paper and format it automatically, you can download it in several formats, z.B.PDF, Docx and LaTeX.

Article Transfer Service This magazine is part of our article transfer service. This means that if the publisher feels that your article in one of our other participating periodicals is more appropriate, you may be asked to upload the article to one of these magazines. If you accept this, your item will be automatically transferred on your behalf, without the need for reformaté. Please note that your article will be re-evaluated by the new magazine. More information. I spent hours with the word ms for reformatting. It was frustrating Рsimple and simple. With Typeet, I can design my manuscripts, and once it`s over, I can simply submit them. If I have to make another diary, it`s really just a click instead of an afternoon of reformatting. The author draws different conclusions by analyzing the information extracted by analyzing the data from the study.