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Mandate Agreement Definition

1. Any party may terminate the mandate at any time. 2. If one of the parties terminates the warrant at a time unfavourable to the other party, that party compensates for the harm caused to the other party by that cancellation; however, if not, if there is a compelling reason for cancellation. 3. In cases where the mandate benefits exclusively the agent or a third party, the agent cannot terminate the contract; however, if not, if there is a compelling reason for cancellation. 4. In cases where the mandate is not only for the benefit of the agent, but also for the benefit of the agent, the agent, when cancelling the warrant, reimburses the damage caused to the other party by the cancellation; however, if not, if there is a legitimate reason for the cancellation. The mandate contract, when the person receives at least a minimum wage and is required to contribute to the social security and the work fund, is included in the 365 days that are entitled to unemployment benefits. [Proposition A] The death of the agent or agent; However, to the extent that this is not the case in the case of the application of the mandate and an agreement has been reached so that the mandate is not terminated, even in the event of the death of the elected official.

The contract may be terminated at any time by one of the contracting parties. If the warrant needs to be paid, the contract has been terminated by the construction officer for no significant reason, the farmer is responsible for the damage suffered. The termination of the mandate will take effect immediately, unless the party to the termination indicates another termination date. In addition, the contract itself may contain the termination date. [Proposition A] The mandate is required to deal with matters within its mandate with the due diligence of an informed director, in accordance with the purpose of the mandate. 2. The agent handles the prescribed cases as instructed by the agent; However, if this is not the case, when it is recognized that compliance with the agent`s instructions is not in the agent`s best interest and that it is difficult to require a change in the agent`s instructions. In a mandate agreement with Monte Titoli S.p.A.

(“Monte Titoli”), Monte Titoli agreed to provide the issuer with certain child care and management services regarding guaranteed obligations.