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Source Code Agreement Template

It is important to understand that the creator still holds the rights to the desired code. Even after the software license, the creator may have restrictions in the use, modification or distribution of the code. When creating a software code license agreement, these restrictions should be clearly listed and defined to avoid any possible confusion. PandaTip: The written notification of this source code license agreement contains the postal addresses of both parties as well as the types of notifications authorized under this contract. Use our model for source code licensing agreements to quickly and easily create a contract with which you can start with proprietary software to help your business today. PandaTip: The “Guarantees” section of this model for the source code agreement makes it clear that the source code is provided “as intended” with no performance guarantee, stable or continuous reliability. Under this contract, the creator of the software retains the intellectual property associated with the code. The difference lies in the fact that they allow licensees to use the code as it is or in relation to their own products. Both parties were informed of all the terms of the source code licensing agreement. By signing below, both parties agree and accept this agreement. This agreement begins with [Agreement.CreatedDate]. The software provider does not guarantee the performance of the source code once it has been accepted by the licensee.

During this agreement, “software” is defined as all source codes, object codes, link libraries, utilities, project files, scripts related to the above software. Under no circumstances are the parties or their representatives liable for any accidents, consecutive or indirect damage, including, but not limited, lost or damaged data, lost revenue, economic losses or business losses resulting from a breach of the terms of this source code license agreement. All notifications regarding this source code license agreement must be sent either by email, email or authenticated email, to the address listed below. The duration of this agreement may be indeterminate, but this agreement may be terminated immediately if the terms of this agreement are not met. The licensing agreement assumes that the source code license is not subject to royalties. This can lead to a sufficient consideration issue. A nominal reflection clause is included in the proposal. Depending on how you treat the model, this clause can be useful in ensuring that you have an enforceable contract. If the licensee`s consideration to the taker is clear, you can remove the nominal counterparty clause.

No conditions should be the disclosure of the authorized source code or the theft of the client computer for the termination of this agreement. This source code licensing agreement can also be called a source code disclosure agreement. In addition, the software provider frees the licensee and keeps him free of all damages related to the source code. This initial inspection must be done with the source code in the original state. Any change or change to the source code is the licensee`s acceptance of the software. Under this source code licensing agreement, the source code is doubly protected. First, the source code can be provided under restrictive licensing conditions.