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Agreement The Meaning Of Which Is Uncertain Is

However, in Hall v Busst [11], the Majority of the High Court of Australia held that the words “reasonable amounts” to cover depreciation were uncertain and therefore unenforceable. In Milnes vs. Gery [12], a sales agreement for a fair valuation was also considered uncertain. As stated in Bahadur Singh vs Fuleshwar Singh [2], a contract is not invalid if its terms can be certain. The importance of the treaty should not be uncertain and it must also be demonstrated that it cannot be made safe. Mere indeterminacy or uncertainty, which can be easily eliminated by correct interpretation, does not invalidate a contract. Even oral chords are not considered vague if their conditions are well defined. Nor should the terms be paid, in addition to the purchase price of the return and the costs of execution, for other necessary and indispensable expenses. A contract is not only uncertain because the time for the service or the terms of delivery, the maximum quantity of goods to be purchased are not indicated. .

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