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Collective Bargaining Agreement In The Philippines

Amendment of collective agreements. Labour laws. Human Rights Codes. Complaints and disciplinary procedures make it very difficult to maintain a united, confident and motivated staff. The agreement was signed by pal`s chief administration, Vivienne K. Tan, and PALEA`s president, Edgardo Oredina. PALEA is an organization with about 750 members, or about 11% of the company`s 6,829 employees. This seminar workshop will also provide participants with key elements of the collective agreement (KNA) of negotiation preparation and administration, key issues that have proposed solutions. Start by identifying your bargaining style and end with a role play where participants will alternately act as negotiators for management and union negotiations.

A composition of the management group and the corresponding roles for each member are recommended. Participants learn about the complex process of preparation, collect data and information for decision-making, quantify the economic package, formulate a contingency plan in the event of a strike or work stoppage and implement the agreement. In addition, the seminar presents innovations in negotiation techniques and strategies and offers new perspectives of rules and practices. (c) a statement that the collective agreement has been ratified by a majority of the workers in the bargaining unit of the employer concerned. 4.Is an exception to the requirement of mandatory ratification by the majority of bargaining unit workers? “I believe that an open and constructive dialogue with PALEA and other unions must always be conducted in a spirit of good faith which is the key to creating a solid basis for partnership,” said Ms. .