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Fedex General Agency Agreement

Not an option for everyone, but I live close enough to the border to receive a lot of items at a U.S. mailbox reception service. When my item arrives, they send me an email and I pick it up. The fee, depending on the size of the item, can be $5, and if the limit is exceeded, the guards don`t care, because these are such small objects. Shipping within the U.S. also tends to be cheaper. Plus prices of more advantageous items in general. The price difference between and is often so terrible that the occasional ride is worth it. Well, as I said before, that`s almost all my experience with southern emissions, but there are ways to transmit low-value emissions at no cost.

I`m not sure about the limit for shipments from the U.S. to Canada, but for shipments to the U.S., they recently increased the limit from $200 TO $700, with a few exceptions (In principle, if a government agency like FDA, FCC, etc. has to look at it, or if dangerous goods are involved, It is not eligible for the low value designation, but be released through a broker, even if it is only worth $20) As I said, I do not know what the limits or restrictions are for Northbound. In general, it is the importer (consignee) who is responsible for the broker`s intermediation, although the sender sometimes does so and adds the fees to the invoice he makes available to his client. And in general, the fees include all customs duties and taxes as well as the broker`s fees to enter into all agreements with customs. That`s how they make a living. I get the fedex call just before the start of work, I have time to put both boxes in the house, all the boxes look good. I did some research and called FedEx, and learned some things I`d like to share: I had an adrenaline rush after it was delivered, I wasn`t ready to really see it. 2015, many feel like they are closing a door with him inside. That`s nice! I opened mine and realized it was a little bigger than I expected. Must figure out how to handle the passage (will probably end with another workbench with rollers). The only thing was that the goggles were missing from the packaging.

I`ve already sent emails to support. It`s not that normal PC goggles don`t work when needed. That`s what the laser sewing I have to do uses and they use 6 kW of CO2 lasers. FedEx fees are: cash advance fee (CAD $10), taxes and reporting fees (CAD $7). If you call FedEx, you can have the advance fee cancelled in cash (I was told this over the phone). .