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Gsa Dealer Agreement

Participating Trade Agreements (ADPs) are an effective mechanism that allows other parties to resell their products while maintaining control of your GSA prices. A PDA is a written agreement between your company and the reseller that formalizes the financial statements between the two parties. A PDA usually provides for the reseller to sell your product at government-approved prices in your GSA calendar. The PDA sets the amount that the reseller receives for the sale of your product, usually as a percentage of the selling price of the product. The agreement also covers order processing, invoicing and payment procedures. Part 2: In the first part of your research, you learned which potential competitors are currently on the GSA calendar, what products they offer, whether they are a distributor or manufacturer and their product prices. But there`s even more to learn about your potential competitors and SIN(s) categories to help you determine your market potential. To determine this, your searches in Part 2 are based on actual past sales of GSA calendars. Carahsoft confirms that all distributors participating in the performance of this Agreement have agreed that their performance will comply with all the terms of the GSA GS-35F-0119Y schedule.

Click below on the authorized participating reseller for relevant ordering instructions. Carahsoft Technology Corporationc/o Connection7503 Standish PlaceRockville, MD 20855Phone: Carahsoft Technology Corporationc/o SHI International33 Knightsbridge RoadPiscataway, N.J. 08854-3925Phone: (888) Step 4: Use GSA logos on all your marketing materials. A good way to market a new GSA contract is to embed one of the “GSA Schedule” or “GSA Contract Holder” logos with your contract numbers in your company`s marketing materials and brochures. Also, be sure to insert a GSA logo on your company`s homepage. Just go to the GSA website, use the search term “logo” and it will take you to the logo site. Then download the logos you prefer. . Step 3: Search for your competitors. Your competitors are contractors who already have a GSA contract for the SIN category(ies) you are considering for your own product/service.

There are two parts to this research. Both parts should be implemented for each future category of SIN. We are aware that the first installation on GSA Advantage! can take a long time, especially if you have to enter a lot of products. But since depositing your company`s e-catalog is actually a one-shot deal, your efforts to do it right – and make it marketable – are worth it. Carahsoft Technology Corporationc/o FCN12315 Wilkins AvenueRockville, MD 20852Aphone: (301) Carahsoft Technology Corporationc/o Optiv Security Inc. 1125 17th StreetSuite 1700Denver, CO 80202Phone: 303-298-0600Fax: 303-298-0868trish.southwell@optiv.comGSA Schedule Agent Agreement Carahsoft Technology Corporation/o DLT Solutions, Inc.13861 Sunrise Valley DriveHerndon, VA 20171 Phone: (800) 262-4358Fax: (866) The six steps of c He guide will help you, among other things, to determine the right MAS schedule and the right special action number (SIN), evaluate the products and prices of the competition, Evaluate the market potential, prepare a package of tenders and take charge of negotiations with a GSA contract manager. . . . .