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Sponsored Research Agreement Checklist

Article 3 Sponsored Project3.01 The University will start the Sponsored Project after the conclusion of this Agreement and will endeavor to carry out such Sponsored Project in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. The Sponsor acknowledges that the University and the IP have the freedom to carry out and supervise the Sponsored Project in a manner consistent with the University`s research mission. This Agreement shall not be construed to restrict the freedom of participants in the sponsored project to participate in further research.3.02 During the term of this Agreement, any change in the direction or scope of the sponsored project shall be made in writing as a modification of this Agreement and mutually agreed between the parties by their authorized representatives.3.03 Where the IP services of r University for any reason why the university has the right to designate another member of its faculty, which is acceptable to both parties, as the IP of the sponsored project. This assumption is not unreasonable. If no replacement IP is designated within sixty (sixty) days of the termination of its services under this Agreement, any party may terminate this Agreement. Article 4 Cost4.01 The Sponsor pays $______