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Tri-Party Collateral Management Agreement

With the approach of timelines and anticipated workload, companies now need to quickly finalize their definition of a target framework and consider the best combination of calculations, collateral management and custody services. Financial institutions are reconsidering their collateral management practices and breaking down existing silos. Although the concept of a triparty service was initially developed to interdealer it, it will be more prevalent in the derivatives business of financial institutions. To make it a success, market participants should take a holistic approach involving multiple teams. You need to ensure that processes along the entire value chain, from the front office to the middle office and back office, are fully adapted to a triparty service. Amid volatile trading conditions, credit securities can provide a stable source of income in a portfolio, with the loan fully secured by liquid collateral and protected by the default indemnity of the BNY Mellon borrower. In this way, credit income can offer new opportunities in an otherwise challenging market. After receiving the RQV, the deposit bank checks the existing balance of the separate account, looks at the long field of the Pledgor to see the available securities and determines which securities can be mortgaged in the long box for this agreement before calculating the amount of the guarantee to be carried forward to obtain the necessary credit. Clearstream offers proven features for Triparty collateral management, complemented by optional assessment and settlement of credit reservations.