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Yufa Collective Agreement 2019

4. The parties shall inform the mediator-arbitrator in writing as soon as possible after the appointment, but no later than seven days after the appointment, of the matters on which they have agreed before the appointment. 2009, c. 1, p. 12 (4). 2 (1) This Act applies to an employer, negotiator and employees of a listed bargaining unit if the employer and the negotiator have not entered into a collective agreement in respect of that entity after August 31, 2008 and before the date on which this Act receives Royal Consent in respect of that entity. 2009, c. 1, p. 2 (1). (2) If the parties enter into a new collective agreement before making an arbitration award, they shall inform the mediator-arbitrator and the mediation arbitration proceedings shall thus terminate.

2009, c. 1, at p. 18 (2). The bargaining teams from York University and yufa met twice this week, supported by a mutually agreed mediator, to help both parties implement a renewal collective agreement. On Wednesday, September 12, bargaining teams from York University and the York University Faculty Association (YUFA) met to continue negotiations. The University remains engaged in a positive dialogue with YUFA and is convinced that a renewed collective agreement can be reached through the bargaining process. The University was pleased to reach an agreement with YUFA on an equal pay exercise. The exercise will identify and develop a plan to address systemic wage gaps, if any, between faculties and librarians/archivists who identify as women, members of a visible minority (racialized group) or Indigenous peoples, and potential intersectional effects. 1. The collective bargaining unit referred to as Unit 1 of the collective agreement between the employer and the negotiator referred to in Article 3 of that agreement from 16 November 2005 to 31 August 2008 shall be composed of all part-time workers enrolled at York University as full-time students and employed in teaching, demonstration, tutoring or grading.

15 (1) An arbitration award of the mediator-arbitrator under this Act shall deal with all matters to be dealt with in the new collective agreement with respect to the parties and a bargaining unit on the list. 2009, c. 1, at p. 15 (1). 6 After the conclusion of a new collective agreement by the parties in respect of a listed collective bargaining unit or the entry into force under section 19(5) of the Industrial Relations Act 1995, the right to strike of workers in that unit and the employer`s right to exclude those workers shall govern. 2009, c. 1, p. 6 The University recognizes the critical importance of supporting our full-time faculty so that they can successfully advance all aspects of the University`s academic mission. We remain fully focused on reaching a renewed collective agreement that continues to recognize the important contributions of York`s faculty librarians and librarians. During the two days of negotiations, progress was made in finding common ground on several outstanding issues. .