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School Photo Time

It is that time of year again. Many kids and parents mark the fall of every year with school photos. Several years ago  despite the fact that I am a custom portrait photographer and not a high volume  studio, I decided to start offering school photos to my kids school. The response was positive apparently I was not the only parent less than thrilled with the blue backdrop photos yet still wanting a simple photo to mark the yearly growth of my children. Since then I have added several select schools whom I love working with each year and though it makes my fall busy season even busier, I now look forward watching everyone’s kids grow year to year.

The hardest part of my job is taking photos of my own kids. You see they know all of my tricks and they are not easily amused. This is how they look at me most of the time.

And though I love a good serious photo,  eventually I wear them down and get this.

and that makes all the work worth it. I love my job!