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An exception to the rule

I often get asked if I photograph weddings. I don’t. It is not that I don’t like shooting adults or parties. Primarily it is because I don’t want to spend a majority of my weekend days away from my family. Sure I shoot family sessions on weekends, but I shoot for an hour or two and then I have the rest of the day to spend with my family. When you shoot a wedding you are gone for the entire day and night and so for me it doesn’t fit with how I want to spend time with my family. However, when Shelly asked me to photograph her wedding ceremony, I was honored and really couldn’t imagine saying no.

Shelly rocks. She has been our summer nanny, date-night enabler, dog sitter, egg gatherer and house watcher for many years. She has had the keys to many of our houses and has agreed to still housesit for us even as we expand our homestead further away in the country and possibly to include some livestock. Selfishly, I know that once she is married that she may not have as much time to be with our family, but it is hard to be sad when you know that someone you care about is so happy.

shelly wedding