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Wonderful Grandma

Grandma "G" thanks so much for letting me into your home and allowing me to capture you interacting with your granddaughters. It is not easy to wrangle a 9 month old and a one year old and these cousins surely keep you on your toes. I hope everyone slept well after our playtime. How lucky they are to have each other and such a lovely extended family (Kelly you made a great assistant, thanks so much for all of your help).

Here is a sneak peak..


I just love this flower smelling face!


And I love that I get to capture those little things that are fleeting in childhood. Those funny little things that kids do… it seems like they always will do them, and then one day they don’t. I am thrilled when I can catch something makes people say "remember when she used to…"

Little miss "I" was wiggling her tongue around throughout this session. Soon she’ll be saying so many words that she won’t find it quite so fun to wag her tongue around.


and miss "C" was not at all thrilled with the lovely lawn in her grandma’s backyard. I cracked up as I watched the pictures download onto my computer, so many pictures with that one foot up in the air! I pulled this one quickly not because it is a great photo, but because it is a great example. She seems to be willing herself to levitate off the ground. Soon enough she’ll be running through the grass daring her parents to catch her.


Thanks again!