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Brightened up my dreary day

These two kiddos were like a ray of sunshine at the park on a very dreary day. You might think it was their awesome colored clothing (and that certainly didn’t hurt), but these kids both lit up the park with their killer personalities. Little Miss "S" was busy making friends and organizing kids on the playground. I felt bad tearing her away to grab a few shots with her sweet, explorer brother, "C". But "S" was gracious and accommodating and she happily took a break from her new friends to play with her mom and brother.





I just want to send out a big thanks to "Z". I thought it might be hard to find models for my art project (perhaps more on this in a future post), but your comfortable laid back style made my work so easy. I hope you enjoy your afternoon at the playground shots. Your kids are lovely and it was nice to meet you and your "doodles".

Side note:
Playgrounds can be great locations for photo shoots as it gives the kids a purpose and keeps them happy and involved; however, if kids are likely to play with others not involved in the shoot it can get a bit dicey. I often suggest the playground as the final destination in an outdoor shoot. it reinvigorates the kids for those last active candid shots and it is usually a fun way to end our photo play day.