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Welcome to my Blog!

All family photos record a moment in time.  As a lifelong lover of photographs, there's a part of me that loves that record: the blurry snapshot, a stiff group of forced smiles, even the dreaded  posed department store picture. However, I believe photographs can be so much more. 

Photos can transcend the blue backdrop school portrait documentation of changing hairstyles and growing bodies.  Images that reflect your children in their natural state are the ones you will return to to remember the way that newborn smelled or your heart melted the first time your child said they loved you.  Images that decades from now trigger memories of your family right now become more than a record of development - the way your son bites his lip when he's thinking, the way your spouse looks at you, the way she nuzzles that blanket, the silly games only your family plays - these images become a treasured tangible bit of your family's history.

My passion is capturing those images and preserving that memory for you. You can't always see what is different about your family. In spending time with you, I can. Each family is beautiful, we'll create works of art for your walls featuring your kids. We'll create storybooks telling the story of today that you will treasure tomorrow.  I love what I do. I look forward to meeting with you and creating portraits as unique as your family.

The smell of spring

It is the first spring at our new house. We knew there were a lot of fruit trees on the property,  but we really didn’t know how many or how amazing it would smell in spring.



There are so many trees (so many more than are in this photo) and I can’t wait until things are a little more finished here and maybe next year I can have some spring orchard sessions under the apple blossoms!


Warning: Excessive Cuteness

I did not grow up a farm kid.  Sure I saw farm animals on field trips or at the zoo. However, having our own land where were can have baby animals is an experience I hope my children will treasure. This year we got four two week old baby goats and oh my are they cute.

goats mar 13


Happy Valentine’s Day

valentine 2013-1


Triple threat

One of these days I am going to run out of ideas for titles for blog entries about my favorite triplets, but I will never lose my love of photographing these curly hairs cuties.

triplets jan 13


Oh, the weather outside is …..


snow dec 2012-1


In the weeds

in the culinary profession to be “in the weeds” is a bad thing. It means you are overwhelmed or have fallen behind. Though there is no official meaning for “in the weeds” in the photography industry, I would like to propose that it is a beautiful place to be.

in the weeds-1


Though I am not doing mini sessions this year because of our family’s move, I am very much looking forward to hosting mini sessions here next year and I am going to be sure that we leave a patch of tall weeds in the pasture for this very purpose!


Find the photographer

studio rock-1


My husband snapped this photo of me taking a picture of our kids by what we have started calling “studio rock”. It is a huge rock outcropping right behind the abandoned house that I will someday turn into a studio. I am so excited about the potential for our new property. Not just the indoor studio which will come down the road, but also the outdoor spaces that once we clear some brush and clear a couple of trees is going to be A-MA-ZING. A lot of people looked at the property that is now ours and walked away scared. We were able to see the potential, we just had to look a little harder through all the brush!


What we’ve been up to

still lots of unpacking to do





Aboretum preview: Madison West Senior Photos

She made it look so easy.  It was so casual and relaxed to capture your senior photos on a lovely day in Madison’s arboretum. Thank you.

camille preview


An exception to the rule

I often get asked if I photograph weddings. I don’t. It is not that I don’t like shooting adults or parties. Primarily it is because I don’t want to spend a majority of my weekend days away from my family. Sure I shoot family sessions on weekends, but I shoot for an hour or two and then I have the rest of the day to spend with my family. When you shoot a wedding you are gone for the entire day and night and so for me it doesn’t fit with how I want to spend time with my family. However, when Shelly asked me to photograph her wedding ceremony, I was honored and really couldn’t imagine saying no.

Shelly rocks. She has been our summer nanny, date-night enabler, dog sitter, egg gatherer and house watcher for many years. She has had the keys to many of our houses and has agreed to still housesit for us even as we expand our homestead further away in the country and possibly to include some livestock. Selfishly, I know that once she is married that she may not have as much time to be with our family, but it is hard to be sad when you know that someone you care about is so happy.

shelly wedding