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Welcome to my Blog!

All family photos record a moment in time.  As a lifelong lover of photographs, there's a part of me that loves that record: the blurry snapshot, a stiff group of forced smiles, even the dreaded  posed department store picture. However, I believe photographs can be so much more. 

Photos can transcend the blue backdrop school portrait documentation of changing hairstyles and growing bodies.  Images that reflect your children in their natural state are the ones you will return to to remember the way that newborn smelled or your heart melted the first time your child said they loved you.  Images that decades from now trigger memories of your family right now become more than a record of development - the way your son bites his lip when he's thinking, the way your spouse looks at you, the way she nuzzles that blanket, the silly games only your family plays - these images become a treasured tangible bit of your family's history.

My passion is capturing those images and preserving that memory for you. You can't always see what is different about your family. In spending time with you, I can. Each family is beautiful, we'll create works of art for your walls featuring your kids. We'll create storybooks telling the story of today that you will treasure tomorrow.  I love what I do. I look forward to meeting with you and creating portraits as unique as your family.

Where have I gone?

This summer and fall is about to get really busy. My family is moving to the country. Not far away at all, just 20 minutes from downtown; however, we will have a lot of new projects to undertake. We have a house to make our own, some land to put to work as we see fit, and an old building to rehab into a studio for Amy Jester Photograph (pending town and city permits).

Though I am still working through all of these changes, things may be a little light on the blog for a while. If you are interested in gardening, small scale farming, or DIY projects and would like to follow my family’s adventures you can follow along as we make the property we have started calling willow bend our own at:

As always, f you have questions about sessions, portraits or want to get a hold of me I can be reached at

608 358 0915


amy @


Summer is almost here!

I spent last weekend with my family and though many people consider Memorial Day weekend the start of summer, for us a hot weekend full of yard work, a fun run/school carnival and sprinklers/beach towels signaled that summer vacation is right around the corner. Which reminds me to remind you to think about your summer portrait needs now.

In addition to gorgeous individual and family portraits, summer is a great time to capture family traditions, explore many amazing natural areas around town and entertain your kids with outdoor activities like carnivals, splash parks, kits and more. For those of you who have been thinking of preserving your summer family memories, now is the time to get your session scheduled. Session dates are limited and many are already filled. Also, every year I have several high school seniors who are too busy to schedule their portraits until it is too late, seniors don’t forget your yearbook deadlines and get it on the books now so that you don’t get left out of your yearbook.

I am looking forward to a summer full of fun, family and photographs. I hope to see your family this summer.


Spring morning playdate

I love photographing kids is their home; however, there are times when it is fun to have a little adventure and to explore the world a bit. There are so many things to do. Sticks to carry, rocks to throw, bugs to look for, flowers to smell, and overhead planes to identify. And when it is all said and done, a blanket and book are a great way to wrap up our play. Thanks for the fun on a beautiful day.


Watch Me Grow: Happy First Birthday!

This is the easiest going little guy I have ever photographed. I look forward to continuing to watch you grow!


Watch Me Grow: Look ma two teeth!

Babies between six and nine months are some of my favorites….they have so much personality – and they usually think I am really amusing.  I wholeheartedly believe that this age of baby is responsible for people deciding to add more kids to their families. Seriously, how can you resist the toothy grins, huge eyes and belly laughs? I have adored watching this little guy grow from his newborn session to now. he has been a ton of fun to photograph. I feel so privileged to be able to document milestones in families lives. This November, I am reminded how thankful I am for the families that place their trust  in me when they ask me to capture their memories. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


Sneak Peek: Perfectly Imperfect

I love a good portrait really I do. However, there are times when the interaction of a family must take precedence. This was one of those moments. There is nothing perfect about this photo. It is not entirely in focus. Everyone is not looking at the camera – in fact, no one is and that is what makes it so perfect for me – everyone is in the moment and that has nothing to do with the fact that their photo was being taken at that moment. I love those moments – perfectly imperfect.


Sneak Peek: Capitol Minis – more siblings

I take a lot of family photos at this time of year. I do a lot of mini sessions to help families get that family portrait for grandparents or for their holiday card.  I usually have a couple of mini sessions that are “just the kids”. These sessions are often little play break in the long days of mini sessions. These boys rocked it out. We quickly got a few more posed pictures and then we played in the leaves. A perfect fall day.


Sibling Peek: Capitol Mini Sessions

Siblings relationships are complex.  Being an only child has at times left me bewildered by the multitude of ways siblings interact. One of the neat (and sometimes challenging) parts of my job as a photographer is to try to capture sibling relationships in a novel situation. For some siblings it is easier at home, for some they are more natural when having a new shared experience, for some it depends on the time of day and for some it is just a matter of the ages of the kids at any given session. I love that I  get to see families year after year. Of course, I love seeing the physical changes but I am always amazed by the changes in relationships as well.

Last year the youngest child of this family was just toddling. He was as content to sit with mom and dad as he was to try to keep with with his big brother rand sister.

This year he was as likely to lead the way as he was to follow the lead of his big sister….this family has gone from two children and a baby to three siblings and I get to document it.

I am so lucky.


Halloween Costume Preview!

Took a break from editing to snap a few photos of my own kids as they debuted the Halloween costumes that my mom sewed and assembled for the kids based on their specific requests. Hope everyone has a great time trick or treating tomorrow night.


Sneak Peek: The in-between moments

It is fall and liek most photographers, I have been very busy this season. The last couple of weekends I have had a couple of days of back to back mini sessions – and though I love to get to briefly visit with clients and get them updated family portraits, I miss the connections that happen during the slower pace of my premium sessions. When we need a break we take one and often it is during these in-between moments that some of my favorite images are made. Here’s a peek of a few of these moments from a session with a four (almost five!) year old friend.